Confession Time

I’ll confess, I often labor under the oft-misguided-dream that all believers have a desire to dig deeper into the Bible. That all Christians have a burning intent to plumb the depths of the biblical text. Of course, my wife is quick to set me straight and bring me back to reality.

Yes, it’s true, as strange as it may seem to me, many people are quite content with a devotional approach to the Bible. They are satisfied with their Sunday morning Bible study group or their weekday study with friends and neighbors. And that’s perfectly fine. Continue reading


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Comfort Zone

“Sometimes it seems that the clearest meaning of Scripture is the one that reinforces our own comfort zones.”                       Anthony Le Donne

 When it comes to the study of Scripture, we can be certain of one thing. If it doesn’t move us out of our comfort zones then we may be doing something wrong. Continue reading

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Complication to Application

In our current Sunday morning study of Galatians, the teacher has often made the comment that “this is complicated” or “it’s not easy”, or something akin to that. Translate that as what we’re discussing and looking at in the biblical text and seeking to understand is not as straight forward as it might seem.

For the class’ benefit, there’s not anything more important he could say about the text then those words—“this is complicated.” Continue reading

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Anchors Down

When we take our study of God’s word seriously, it doesn’t take long before we begin to encounter passages or ideas that might cause us to drift a little. Hey, that’s okay. We just need to be sure we have our anchor set. Not so much set in the world of “pat answers” but in the belief that God’s word is authoritative and not all questions have, or even need to have answers—at least not in the moment. Continue reading

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“X” Marks The Spot–Markers and Allusions

When it comes to adding tools to our Bible study toolbox, a couple of words and ideas need to be touched on. They are called markers and allusions.

Whether it’s the proverbial “X” on a map, our dog marking a tree on our morning walk, or leaving bread crumbs on the trail we are hiking, things get marked for a variety of reasons. We mark to remember or designate. We mark to preserve or communicate. We mark to target or show possession. Continue reading

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