The Impossible Possiblity

NOTE:  This is longer than my normal posts.

I’ve had an ongoing dialog in my mind and, at times, a not so subconscious dialog with others, about the possibility of the impossible. The possibility of the impossible means something that is deemed impossible but made possible by some other means.

Although I’ll only quote two particular passages, if you are familiar with Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and the Book of Galatians you’ll quickly understand the fuse that ignites my thought process.

Most studies of Galatians I’ve sat in, or perhaps—I can’t recall—taught, have dealt with the idea that the Law (Torah) was given as an impossible standard so that people would recognize their sinfulness and turn to God/Christ in faith. In doing so we apparently make possible the impossible. In other words, without the means of grace, faith, the power of the Holy Spirit, etc., one could never achieve what God set out in the Torah, what Paul sets out in Galatians, or what Jesus teaches in the Sermon on the Mount. Continue reading

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Lord of the Impossible

On my bookcase I have a single puzzle piece, a yellow #2 pencil, and a relay baton.  They all have a specific purpose for being there and I look at them often and think of that purpose. Today, I also noticed a book that I’ve had on my bookshelf wherever we’ve moved: from IL, to OH, to TX, to NC.  It’s a book a friend gave me well over twenty years ago. Continue reading

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I Need A Savior

There are few things in the Christian life that cause more trouble than that nasty three-letter word sin. We can get emotionally drained and misplace that cheerful disposition everyone is fond of seeing. We can get out of sorts on our schedule and fall woefully behind in our service to others. We can stumble in our daily routine and miss a day or two of personal devotions. But there’s nothing quite as detrimental as that nasty three-letter word sin and the havoc it can cause in our lives. Continue reading

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It’s a Good Thing—Isn’t It?

It was back in the late ‘80s early ‘90s. I was sitting in my study working on a few things. Back then, we had an old IBM II desktop computer. The kind with the floppy disk and a CRT monitor. Not sure how much memory it had, but if it was a couple megabyte I’d be surprised. I believe we paid over $4,000 for it new!  Yep, four grand!

It was late in the afternoon and I received an email. You may remember…the AOL kind. When I got around to opening the email it was from a good friend and a member of my Life Group. The email had a file attached. He wanted me to read something he wrote (he was a professional writer – that is he got paid to write).  I took some time and read the file. Once I started I couldn’t walk away from it. It was amazing. Continue reading

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Praise and Purpose

When new followers join this blog, I’m usually enticed to take a look at their blog in order to get a sense of who’s tagging along with me. Recently I stepped over to the Minstrel’s wife blog and read a piece she had posted on praise. When I read her wonderful testimony of praise, I started thinking about how different individual Christ-followers can be and how Christ-followers express their faith differently.

What the Minstrel’s wife posted is not a genre which necessarily reflects my particular passion for Christ. Yes, there are times of worship, study and prayer when my emotions and the joy of being loved by the Master take over. But that’s rare, although enjoyed when it happens. Her echo of a deep-seated passion for Christ is not one I often hear in the neighborhood where I reside. And that’s okay. Continue reading

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