"Putting Down Roots" PSALM 15

When I first read this Psalm, I thought there seemed to be something familiar about it. Then after a couple more readings, it seemed pretty clear that there was a very close reflection of Galatians 5:22ff where Paul talks about the “fruit of the Spirit”.

Whether it’s the Old Testament or the New, “character” is “character”. The reflection of a Godly character is either fleshed out in one’s behavior or it is not. Fruit is either hanging off the limb or it’s barren.

But the key seems to be the overall result…. yes, it impacts how I treat others and that is of extreme importance. However, the product of building the kind of character that the Psalmist talks about and Paul talks about is this:

“Those who do these things shall never be moved!” (Psalm 15:5c)

There is an unmistakable, unmovable, and undeniable stability that holds no matter what.

My neighbor has a tree stump in his yard that has been there for some time. We were talking about it one afternoon and he said that he wants to take it out, just hasn’t found the time or taken the time to do it. But really doesn’t want to hire somebody with a stump grinder to do it.

Of course, I told him it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. A few hours and we should be able to hook that puppy up to my truck and pull it out!

One afternoon, with some time on my hands, I went over with my axe and began cutting the perimeter roots and getting things ready. Then when he got home from work, we hooked it up and slipped my truck in four wheel drive and began the pull. Nothing!!!! But a broken tow rope!

I just didn’t understand it. Well, to make a long story short. The tree, a “former” evergreen tree is a species that has a center root that runs straight down the middle. So of course, I could cut the surrounding roots all day long and still not get to the meat of the matter – the primary root that was holding the stump firmly to the ground!!!!

Reckon you see where I’m going with this. As I developed over the years, it appears that I may have given too much attention to those perimeter roots and not enough to that “center” root.

Guess we’ll have to change that. 🙂


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