Thanks Jon

Brick chips, a little laughter, a fruit smoothie with stuff in it that you don’t want to know about, and some back breakin’ work. That’s how my morning went with Jon today.

Who’s Jon?

He’s one of God’s special angels….some body God used today to help me verbalize some of what I’ve been writing these past few days. Didn’t realize how much I needed that until it was happening.

Thank You Jon!

We met Jon and his wife Paula as they were “strolling” the neighborhood one evening. Paula and some other women in the neighborhood had hosted a brunch for all the women in the block a few weeks ago, so Alice had already met Paula and her mom Norma. But it was my first time. Anyway, we had decided to invite them all over for the 4th of July. They had already made plans to have several friends over to their house, so they invited US over there. An invitation we gladly accepted. It was a very nice time.

Jon and Paula are finishing a small “cottage” in back of their home that is designed to be a place of ministry. It is a place where folks, who have critically ill children that are being treated in the area, can come for a respite. In other words, having been by their children’s side day and night for several days, they have need of a break. This “cottage” is a place for them to come and get that break. A chance to refresh and recharge.

Jon was getting some clay chips delivered to put down on the pathway to the cottage, so I volunteered to come help him spread the 9 tons of chips! That’s how it all began. After our morning’s work, we were enjoying John’s special concoction and the conversation started. And the best part about it, there wasn’t even a hint from Jon like “gosh, I wish this guy would shut up!!!”

Isn’t it wonderful how God does this kind of thing when we least expect it.

Thanks again Jon. It meant a lot to me that you opened yourself up to be that receptive.



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2 responses to “Thanks Jon

  1. Jon

    Of the nine tons of brick chips Norm moved seven…
    Regarding the fruit smoothie…there are no ingedients you would not want to know about – only good stuff.
    And the talk…I was blessed and honored to be part of it. Thank you, Norm


  2. Norm

    Thanks for stopping by Jon. Let’s get together again soon.


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