There’s a Change in the Air

Mark 4-13

I’ve spent the past two mornings reading Mark. I started it a while ago and never got around to finishing it, so I thought the weekend for the “gospels” would be good. Kind of a refreshing break and change of pace. Besides, when Alice is home, I want to be available for her. Uhm….perhaps that means I should be adjusting my schedule, not my priorities.

This time is becoming such an important and “fun” time, that I kind of hate to miss it. For those of you reading this that have been more consistent in your journey than I, I can only imagine how much joy and how important your time is for you.

When reading today about what Jesus was saying about his own return or signs of the end of the age, I asked myself why didn’t He know the time? Why does He seem to think it’s more imminent than it obviously was, and what does that say about his godhood vs. his manhood. Or does it matter? Personally, at this point, I don’t think it matters. But it will come up again.

I suppose that raises a second question – why were the disciples so “dull” when it came to the teachings of Christ? What was it about their ability to grasp what he was saying? Why could they not make connections? The parables are a good example. At least in Mark, multiple times, they needed Jesus to explain to them the meaning. Why? I think in part because they did not put things in context, that’s one thing. Secondly, I don’t believe they gave much thought beyond the obvious to what they saw in conjunction with what Jesus was saying. All of that changes after the resurrection and Pentecost!

With the coming of the Holy Spirit, they see with new eyes; hear with new ears; and walk with a new gait! These are NOT the same men that were often chastised by their Lord; these are men and women who are enthused to proclaim the gospel to the whole world because now they understand like never before.

STAND BACK – You don’t know how big it’s going to get!!!!

May it be oh LORD.


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