Remember Me Psalm 25

It was the first summer after I came to know Christ, our church, Kennewick Baptist Church, had a summer youth group visiting. I wish I could remember their names, but I can’t. I’m not even sure why they were there, I think for a “pick me up” to our youth program, summer missions, and VBS. What I DO remember is oh how they could sing! Even to this day, I get goose-bumps thinking about them and they way they could lift the Lord’s name in praise and worship.

They had one song in particular that they did which was my favorite. It was a Negro spiritual called “Remember Me”. Here’s a verse and the chorus as near as I can recall…

Oh I won’t mind, tho dark and drear my way may be,
I won’t mind my cross to bear,
For I know in God’s own time he’ll pardon me,
When calling the roll, O dear Lord,
Remember Me

Remember me,
When tears are falling down
Remember me,
When sorrows all around,
And oh down at the river of Jordan,
When calling the roll
O dear Lord, remember Me

The church choir sang it several times and my daughter’s grandfather almost always sang the lead. Then he asked that someone else do it. I’m not certain whether I raised my hand or the choir director asked me to take one of the verses, but I ended up with one. NEVER sung in public before, but it was about to happen! As soon as it became my turn and I started singing, several people in the choir turned their heads and stared at me! To this day, I’m not sure whether they were in disbelief that I could do it, or that I could do it fairly well. Whatever the reason I always remember that moment. More importantly I remember that song…I still sing the parts I recall from time to time.

“Remember Me”. That’s what the Psalmist asked of God.

Do not remember the sins of my youth or my transgressions;
According to your steadfast love remember me… (v.7)

As I make each step of this journey, whether I wish for the days of old or hunger for what might be down the road; whether I toil under the burden of my self-imposed guilt for those neglected years or count the sleepless nights over what “might have been”. My hearts desire is that God will simply REMEMBER ME.

It’s just me Lord. Open hands, open heart, open mind… me. That’s all I have.

In calling the roll, Oh dear Lord, remember me! May it be.


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