Moments Over Time — ACTS

Acts 19:21 – Acts 28

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to get my arms around the Book of Acts and all that took place during that period. Reading it is almost like you are eves-dropping on some one else’s conversation.

I started reading it because of the Bible Study class we’re starting to attend at the church we’re going to. Last week’s lesson was centered on Pentecost and then this week is supposed to be focused on Cornelius’ conversion. So I started from that perspective.

As with other times in this journey I have a rather large writing regarding some of what I took away from my scripture study, but to display that here my prove a bit presumptuous. Suffice it to say, something happened on THE STREET CALLED STRAIGHT that changed forever the life of Paul. It was not another conversion by any stretch of the imagination, but it was “conversion-like”. For it moved him in ways, I believe, even he did not think were possible.

Some of us have those moments in time – some of us have those moments over time. Either way, we have those moments. Moments that move us in ways that turn our world right side up and motivate us to action. Mine is an “over time” one. These don’t always have the glamour of the “in time” ones. But that’s okay. I’ve had enough glamour in my life. The point is we act as a result of those “moments”. Just as Paul did when he had his on the street called Straight.

Father of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; give me the courage I need to keep moving and the faith to keep looking forward. It is by your grace and love that I am whose I am. Let me not squander that privilege. May it be.


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