Dressed For Action — Luke 12:35

Let’s say you used to be able to perform a specific task, or there was a special skill you had, neither of which you practice any longer. Now you want to start them up again. Someone is encouraging you and says, “It’s like riding a bike…”

No doubt, we’ve all heard that phrase. Well, I made use of the phrase literally, when I was riding and racing bikes. There were a couple years when I stopped riding while trying to adjust to some medications. Once I got back on the bike, it took me some time before I felt comfortable again and to get my legs back, but I soon returned to top riding form.

I feel a little like that now. “It’s like riding a bike…” I was off the “bike” for some time. I am back up and riding, but I still feel a bit wobbly. I haven’t quite gotten my legs under me. Nevertheless, many of my past skill sets from ministry, Bible study, counseling, and pubic speaking, are laying there in the recesses of my mind occasionally bobbing to the surface, waiting for the time to —-

If I was measuring my spiritual progress on a continuum and some one asked me where I wanted to be on a scale of one to ten, I would say “A nine or ten of course”. But in actuality, where I want to be is one notch further today than I was yesterday. If that’s from a three to a four, then so be it. Just let me, let God, move the marker. That’s all I desire. Then one day soon, I’ll be “Dressed for action and have my lamp lit!” (Luke 12:35) Glory!

Father Spirit, it’s with an open heart and willing spirit that I seek your desire for my life. Make my feet like hinds feet and eyes singularly focused on your beloved son Jesus, so that I may walk the path you have set before me looking intently at The Light of the World and one day ready to be dressed for action with my lamp lit. In Jesus Name, may it be.


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