Sometimes I Wonder — Leviticus 21

Sometimes I just scratch my head and wonder. Other times I think, “You’ve got to be kidding?”

As I continue my orderly read through Leviticus, certain themes are hard to ignore such as, atonement, being cut off, without blemish, etc. The one “without blemish”, takes on a new significance when God tells Moses to tell Aaron that no one shall serve as a Priest in the tabernacle that has a blemish. This makes complete sense, since the bulls, goats, birds, etc. must be without blemish, the environment was to be cleansed, therefore perfect, it’s a reasonable conclusion that the priest should be without blemish. (Lev. 21:16-24)

As you might expect the writer puts down a roster of things that would be considered blemishes, one leg longer than the other, a broken limb of any kind, mutilated face, bad eyes, etc. Then he points out one that just made me pause and wonder, “crushed testicles”. How on earth does one get his testicles crushed? That’s number one. Number two, how in heaven’s name does one survive getting his testicles crushed? And finally, how would anyone else know that this had happened, unless of course they were within six miles of the poor fellow and heard his scream! All the other issues listed are ones that can be easily seen or detected, the itching of course might be difficult, but would not take long to discover, other than that, this one is the only one that would be considered non-obvious. In addition, it’s not something I would think a man would boast about. So how do you uncover something like that?

Whatever the case, I am fairly certain it’s a good thing that “without blemish” is not a requirement for serving God in our present day. Although, when I come to think of it, in my lifetime I have witnessed many a pastor whose preaching was disabled but I have only witnessed one pastor that was disabled in any manner. He was a blind black pastor in Texas. He was some kind of preacher! Saying “amen” to him was like saying “sic-em” to a dog!

Oh my….sometimes I just have to wonder, and smile. 🙂

Father Spirit, my blemishes go far deeper than what may hinder me on the outside. Mine hinder my heart. Wash me that I might be whiter than snow, cover my ugliness with the beautiful blood on Jesus.



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2 responses to “Sometimes I Wonder — Leviticus 21

  1. Anonymous

    You’ve got quite an imagination! Not to speak of a not so subtle sense of humor. Perhaps the Hebrew expression might mean something more poetic than our word “crushed” implies. Perhaps a conversation with a Rabbi at this point would shed some light. Hang in there. I think I would like to hear you preach.

    Dick T.


  2. Norm

    Bruised or emasculated could be used instead of crushed. Even so, not much fun and not very poetic! 🙂

    Regarding the preaching, I’ve heard myself and it’s not that good! 🙂


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