Did I hear that Correctly — Mark 8:22-9:1

In some previous notes on Mark, which I did not publish here, I focused on the “slowness” of the disciples to come along in thought with Jesus and his teaching. Here in this series of passages, they seem to get it, and then one of them Peter, gets a stinging rebuke because he got it and wanted Jesus to understand that he got it.

In the rather familiar passage of “who do men say that I am”, where Peter proclaims that Jesus is “the Christ”, Mark records that Jesus “sternly ordered them not to tell anyone about him.” (8:30)

Then Jesus teaches “openly” about his impending suffering, rejection, death, and resurrection. Peter, not knowing the difference, takes Jesus aside and rebukes him for this, after all, didn’t Jesus just tell “them” to keep things under wraps, now he is making a public proclamation of some rather startling things. Of course, we all know what happens next.

I just want to say a word of defense for people like Peter and me. Sometimes I don’t always know where that line is. It doesn’t mean I don’t understand it just means I don’t know all the parameters all the time.

Peter, although he will have tougher times ahead, recovers rather nicely from it all. I didn’t initially. I am hoping to learn from it all and do better, but it is indeed a challenge. I don’t always take criticism well, whether it’s the “self” kind or from outside sources. However, I am learning and I think growing in that area.

Father, it’s never easy and never “nice” at times. So I pray that when you put me in those situations where I need wisdom and restraint, that I will understand that and think, act, and speak accordingly. In Jesus Name, amen.


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