Listen To Him! — Mark 9:2-12

“This is my Son, the Beloved, listen to him!” (v.7)

When I read the story of the transfiguration experience, I am always impressed. It is an account of three men’s alone-time with the Savior that was like no other. Often when I hear sermons on it, the emphasis is on Peter’s lack of understanding the significance of the event and desire to put up some tents and linger a while. The significance of Elijah’s and Moses’ presence is often next on the list of sermon themes. However, the one thing that seems most significant about this whole event is God’s presence!

God has apparently made a very obvious habit of not intervening in the life of Christ. He does so at the baptism of Jesus and here, but I’m not certain that He does anywhere else. At Jesus’ baptism, He says that He is “well pleased” with His Beloved Son, here He says something entirely different, “Listen to him!”
Not follow him, not obey him, not believe in him, but “listen to him!” Literally, He said hear him, or give ear to him.

Sometimes when we “listen” to other people, what we’re really doing is waiting for our turn to talk. That is not what this word means. Nor, I would contend, does our English word mean that. It means to listen with a desire to understand. In addition, God did not suggest it, He rather emphatically exhorts it! It is in listening to Jesus that we will learn…

I am not a good listener. Whether it’s in conversation or when I’m reading I get distracted easily, similar to Peter. It’s not often fear that distracts me as it did Peter, although it can be – I can be afraid I don’t know how to answer the person or I’m not capable of communicating with that person. Often times it’s a random thought or a word or phrase taking hold and moving me in a different direction and before long, I miss what’s said, or several sentences or paragraphs in a book or magazine. I lose focus. It’s never intentional, it just happens.

I do that with Jesus too. I lose focus. It’s never intentional, it just happens. I don’t always listen as well as I should. I don’t always hear with understanding. I think I know when I don’t. I always want to get my two cents in, when he really has no need of my change. Perhaps I need to hear God again, “This is my Son, my Beloved, listen to him!” After all he has the….

Father Spirit, I’m not a good listener I know that. My ear is not always attentive to Your Beloved, or anyone else for that matter. Today, I am making a decision to be a better listener. To hear with my ears, my mind, and my heart, whether it is in conversation or reading your Word. May it be, in Jesus Name.


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