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I’m auditing a class at a local seminary in the Charlotte area and during tonight’s schedule they had a chapel session. I don’t know that they have one every week, since there wasn’t one last week, but there was tonight. Anyway, one of the main men at the seminary was the emcee for the service. I’d never seen him before nor have I ever met the man. So I just sat and watched the proceedings. After introducing the guest speaker he sat down just a couple seats over from me – I happened to sit on the front row – I noticed he had one of those thumb-indexed Bibles. That struck me as odd.

I’ve never been a fan of thumb-indexed Bibles. Just like I’ve never been a fan of Bibles with the words of Jesus in red. I figure you ought to be able to tell when Jesus is speaking and when he’s not, so you don’t need someone one putting his words in red. After all, I want to underline them myself!  Anyway, back to this Bible. I have this “conviction” that if you’re going to read the Bible and be a student of the Bible you ought to be able to find your way around the Bible without the aid of a thumb-index.  I always thought those folks were “cheatin” when it came to looking up scripture passages.

Yes, I know it’s hard when you’re flipping page after page, section after section, looking for that obscure minor prophet tucked away somewhere in the middle of things, but that’s half the fun!  How will you every learn them if you only have to stick your thumb in that little cut out and flip to it? 

Real Christians Don’t use thumb-indexed Bibles” – there ought to be a bumper sticker for that!


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