What Am I Missing?

Apparently, today, in Washington D.C., there will be a gathering of men for a rally called “Stand in the Gap 2007“.  From what I understand it is a gathering of Christian men rallying to show support for Christian values and committing themselves to those values in an effort to turn our country “around”.

Now I suppose this is a good thing. What I cannot figure out is why I am just hearing about it now. I understand that I have a tendency to be out of touch with reality at times. But the classes I attend — those men, the instructor, the people who read these blogs, the other blogs I visit, the number of emails I receive each day and other Christian Web sites I visit….NONE have mentioned this gathering.

Perhaps there is some theological tenant that this group holds that prevents people from supporting them? Maybe they are pre, not post tribulation – how pitiful would that be.  Maybe it’s because they have “infallible” and not “inerrant” in their belief statement regarding scripture. Or that they do not mention some other important theological position that prevents mainstream evangelicalism from endorsing them.  Or, perhaps I just haven’t been listening or paying attention.

It would be sad if it is not supported simply because there are minor disagreements in theology. Sadder still if it is because no one knew about it.  We may be missing something good.


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