In my last class at SES, two things happened that got my attention. One was our chapel service with the guest speaker Norman Geisler. He spoke -actually delivered a power point talk – on Atheism. As you may or may not know, Geisler is a well-known apologetics expert.  Then, in our class discussion, the subject came up of a “You Tube” posting called the “Blasphemy Challenge”.  It is basically a group of atheists who “denounce” the Holy Spirit and attempt to discredit the Bible.

Now I tend to follow up on these things. Mostly because I’m up for a challenge. 

First Geisler’s talk. It was rather under-whelming and after sitting through seven weeks of endless power point presentations, I was not really looking forward to another one. Anyway, his main point was that even atheists, at some point in their arguments, have an inclination toward God.  Okay…and?

The YOU TUBE posting. Well that was a bit more interesting, but still some of the same old “hash”. The Bible contradicts itself, how can it be literally true, why haven’t certain prophesies come to pass if the mark of a true prophet is…, etc., etc., etc.  What I found most insulting about it was, of course, the Christians on the  segments I watched. Neither of which had any conviction in their own beliefs, or any credibility.  One guy actually had a web site where people could send letters to loved ones who were left behind in the Rapture.  I didn’t quite understand that one, but nevertheless, he was told in a revelation that it was something he should do. 

Now, whether this stuff has validity or not, is NOT the issue. The issue is this… when the You Tube thing came up in class everyone there except me, knew exactly what it was…so I would guess many young people in our churches are watching it and “learning” from it. Secondly, as I indicated in a previous post, why should anyone feel compelled to defend themselves against this kind of assault?  There is nothing new here.

I’m not sure I could follow through, but what I would like to do is offer those folks on You Tube a plane ticket to Iran.  Let them do the same thing to the Koran over there. I suspect it would be a short lived presentation.


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  1. Don’t feel too left out. When the You Tube thing first made an appearance I first heard about it from two of my second grade students (yup…you read that right). Oh…and help with the plane fare to Iran.


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