Who Would Dare!

There are sections of scripture which sometimes confuse me. Not that they are ridiculous or ludicrous, simply that – given the context they seem unwarranted. An example would be in Numbers.

Regarding the Tabernacle, in 3:10  we read that “If any outsider comes near, he shall be put to death.” A rather stern and matter-of-fact warning, repeated in verse 38.  Later, in that same chapter, verses 27-37  we read that specific clans are assigned to guard the Tabernacle and the items inside.

This leads to the obvious question, why would you need guards? Who would dare come near the Tabernacle or even attempt to pilfer it, knowing, based on previous demonstrations of God’s “judgements”, that death was a fair certainty?

Pondering that question for a while, I thought about an article I had read earlier this weekend about why we hang on to “pet sins”. The author of the article was rather blunt in his analysis . We hang on to those types of sins because we prefer the sin more than we prefer a healthy relationship with Christ. Now who would dare admit to that? But I believe he may be right.

The sin may not, indeed is not heinous, but it does infringe on my relationship to God. Yet, I choose to practice it, rather than practice God’s grace in overcoming it. How insulting is that to God?

Now, who would dare admit they have that type of sin in their life let alone admit that type of behavior?  Uhm…guess I have some work to do.

I suppose it is not that big of a stretch after all to imagine someone wanting to approach, even pilfer the Tabernacle, they may think the risk is worth the reward. Go figure.


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