What’s Next

My wife is a “glass half full” kind of woman. She is just a joy to be around. Not the over-the-top giddy type of positive, but an even, keep things in perspective, type of positive. It’s a good balance for me, since I’m the typical glass half empty kind of guy.

I used to be a “half fuller”. In fact, I was more than that, I was an over the top, full to overflowing kind. There are still moments when I have spurts of that type of behavior – usually it is when I am around other half empty folks, I see it as my job to be the half full person in the group. After all, there always needs to be balance.

At this point in my journey, I don’t know that the issue is half full or half empty anymore. Sometimes it is all I can do to hang on to the glass. Perhaps that is because there is too much thinking and not enough action. Or too many questions and not enough answers. Or too many tomorrows and not enough hope. I am not certain. Nor am I certain that it matters. 

I have noticed that some people touch the lives of hundreds over their lifetime and negate every moment of it as though it did not matter. Others long to do the same and would cherish the idea that what they do mattered as much.  What kind of irony is that.

As I was mowing the grass yesterday I thought – “does a drowning man drown because he stops struggling or does he stop struggling because he drowns?” What an odd thought.  But that thought lead to this one, “what’s next?”

Where did I leave my glass?

PS.  We did get rain!  🙂


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