Who Cares?

There was a time when that question was similar to the “what’s up?” or “go figure” type of sayings. I remember a pastor where I once served as music and youth director used it almost every other sentence.  I am beginning to wonder whether or not it ought to come back in vogue?  After all, when you look at some of the questions and issues that are being discussed these days, “who cares?”

Those who do not live in the Charlotte, NC area may not be aware of the recent decision by the NC Baptist Convention to boot one of the Charlotte churches out of their association because that particular church willingly accepts homosexuals. Now that does not mean they accept sinners with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. It means they accept homosexuals, accept their lifestyle, allow them to maintain it and permit them in positions of leadership in the church.

Of course the general population, including the editor of the Charlotte Observer, who happens to be a member of that church, objects to the association’s action as though they were being judgmental and taking an adverse position to scripture.

Naturally, when the dust settles, no one will care about anyone’s position other than the fact that the “church” is intolerant toward gays and that we are not showing the love of Christ. So “who cares?”

You could quote scripture until the cows come home and most would say that was then, this is now. We don’t live in those times any more. Or homosexuality is something you are born with and if God creates people that way, how could He condemn them when He created them that way? 

I think sociologists and philosophers would call much of that ethical or moral relativism. Of course, they may be right. I learned this morning that the civil and ceremonial laws of the OT were no longer valid and only the moral laws apply in the “new covenant” era.  So that sheds a whole new light on things. The further we move away from home port the less clear things seem to become.  But then “who cares?”

Oh well, I have several days to mull this over and perhaps emerge with a whole new perspective on things.


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