A Poem to Share

This poem is one I from a writers forum. It was a winning poem in a recent “contest” for a theme on preaching. I thought folks might enjoy it as much as I did.

Alvin Josiah MacRaney III
was in ministry up to his eyes.
He gave to the needy, encouraged the weak,
and responded to many souls’ cries.

MacRaney was part of a family of preachers;
the pulpit was part of their lore.
He learned the importance of loving the brethren
from his father and grandpa before.

Dear Alvin was praised by his plentiful flock
for the blessings he oft gave away.
They often sat speechless, in bounteous thanks
for the many he’d lift when he’d pray.

But MacRaney’s great passion – and his congregants’, too
was his preaching of God’s holy Word.
His pastoral fervor and “gift of the gab”
were obvious to all those who heard.

“Repent! The Lord loves you,” was his pulpit refrain.
“Each person’s a great big fat sinner.
If you do your part and let Christ in your heart,
then God will see you as a winner.”

He’d flip through his bible, taking copious notes
(that no one but Alvin could read),
extracting the wisdom he’d share with the folks
whose souls he was aiming to feed.

He shared the Word boldly with those of his flock
and closed with a rousing “Amen.”
He then put his congregants back in the toy box
and napped until “church time” again.

A Poem by Joanne Sher  Copyright 2007


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