Rated "R" for Extreme Violence

This is no “action” movie. This is real life. However, it is unlikely that even though it is in book form, a movie would be made. It is just too violent and abhorrent.

Almost every day we read in the paper of violence and war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and India. However, nothing compares to what you can read in Jeremiah 46-51. And I might remind everyone, this is done at the hand of God.

What is it about human nature that violence is often the final means of getting someone’s attention? That is not to say there is not an appropriate time for war or destruction, it is simply to say, appealing to the senses, to honor, to commitment, seldom brings the desired results.

Israel continued to be resistant toward their commitment to God. Daily it seems they thwarted their position and excused their “idolatry” as though it were a mere nothing in the eyes of God. Prophet after Prophet would caution them of the ultimate outcome, yet still they turned their back to Yahweh. The outcome was inevitable and even historical. It is like the adage, keep doing he same thing in the same manner and you will get the same results.  They just did not learn from experience.

The destruction sequences in these chapters of Jeremiah are not pretty. More than their violent content, everyone reading them knows that not much will come of it. God’s people will continue their resistance. Ultimately it will take one final act of violence by God to turn the tide – the crucified Christ. Yet still, they resist, our nation resists, individuals resist, even I resist that lesson at times.

What will it take for the lesson to be learned? Outside of the second coming of Christ, are there any arrows left in the quiver of God?

We say we are a “Christian Nation”. If that is true, will God bring violent judgement against the US from an invading force. I suspect He will. We are no longer a nation of American citizens, we are a homogenized nation, one that is quickly loosing its personal identity. We seem to be loosing our pride and internal strength. Our cities, businesses, and economic strength is held more and more in the hands of foreign nations. The day is coming when the legs of this nation will buckle. Not only will people not stand and feebly sing the national anthem, they will not longer remember the words.


Well, that is not exactly the direction I had intended to go with this entry, but I will stand by it.

God please Bless the USA!


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