The Bible

Fifteen…that is how many Bibles we have in our home. Seven of them are different translations, the others are duplicates of the same translation. Some are leather-bound and others hardcover. For the past ten years or so, I have been strictly a hardcover guy. 

I have written several comments about the current Bible I am reading – the “virgin” text one. I am a fan of it. Even though it is a Reformation Study Bible, the notes are thorough and often unbiased. Nevertheless, I keep my trusty NRSV Study Bible open on my desk during each reading of the other.

The past few days I have been working on an article regarding Bible reading among “born again Christians.” Did you know that almost 41% of those in a recent survey seldom, if ever, read their Bible during the week? That’s is sad when you consider its implications. Yet, that same group will freely admit they believe the Bible is the Word of God.

My suspicion is, reading the Bible daily does not necessarily make one a better Christian. However, not reading it at all will surely make one a weak Christian.

Having just finished the book of Ezekiel, reading the final chapters with the specifications of the new temple, the dividing of the land between the twelve tribes, etc., is confusing at best – boring at the outside.  Revelation can also take its toll on the average reader. However, those examples are the exception not the rule. Nevertheless, it is indicative of why people may get frustrated with reading this grand book.  It is similar to the Ethiopian eunuch, who indicated to Philip, “how can I understand unless someone guide me.” (Acts 8:31)

Perhaps, the best encouragement is for all believers to focus on what we DO understand. Leave the issues with what we do not understand to other times or times where we can be guided. That should keep everyone busy for some time to come.



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2 responses to “The Bible

  1. As St. Jerome said, “ingnorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”

    Blessings to you!


  2. nmacdonald

    Tim, thanks for stopping by. The quote from Jerome is at the heart of the matter.

    Here is a quote from an internationally known Orthodox Jewish rabbi…”Any Christian who tells me he is a disciple of the Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus) and who does not read the four gospels at least once a month is a liar. How are you going to know your Rabbi if you don’t spend time reading what He did and what He said?”

    That is from an article called “The 81 Percent Life” by Jack Popjes, a former missionary.

    Blessings back to you sir.


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