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Far be it from me to speak for anyone other than myself, but there are times when reading the Bible can be downright intimidating. Or should I say “convicting?”

It is not unusual to find those who would make the words of scripture more convoluted than necessary. Often times the basic meaning of a passage is just that, the basic meaning of a passage. This is seldom more true than when reading Proverbs. Most of the verses are what they are. Consequently, it becomes rather elementary to draw application from what we read.

In Proverbs 3:25-32 there are a series of commandments which can resonant with even the most casual reader. Some, based on today’s culture, might be points to take issue with, but the bulk of them are rather straight forward. One seemed especially appropriate for today’s culture.

“Do not contend with a man for no reason, when he has done you no harm.”   Proverbs 3:30

When I read that I thought immediately of “road rage.” Perhaps it is not an affliction that weighs on you, but it is one that haunts me consistently. Often, the person that enrages me, has done nothing wrong per se, they have merely inconvenienced my path or progress. So it becomes my job to teach them a lesson.

Okay, let’s cross that verse out. Pretend it is not applicable to the living standards of today.  There, I feel better already!

Naturally we cannot do that. We can certainly ignore that verse, or pretend it has nothing to do with us, but I suspect there may be many who can identify with “my” problem and say, “I suppose I am guilty of the same thing.”

I do not need a “Life Application Bible” to have a point of scripture eat at my conscience. I simply need to be open to what the Bible  says.

Father, I stand guilty as charged. Grant me patience and understanding with other drivers. Help me to know they intend no harm, they simply are void of common courtesy and driving skills. And at times, so am I.


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