The Check

I wrote a check this weekend which was undoubtedly the most unusual check I have ever, or will ever write.

The amount was not all that significant, just a few bucks shy of $90. But the impact of that check literally changed my life. Even if I could, a hundred thousand, even a million dollars would never have covered the reason for that check. So it seemed rather embarrassing to write the check for so little. Nevertheless, I did and did so with a grin ear to ear.

Not many people have the privilege of writing these types of checks. In fact, I would dare say no one within my circle of friends or even my circle of influence has ever had the opportunity to write a check similar to this. If they have, I would be flabbergasted. Not so much that they would not have the money, many would. It is simply that they, more likely than not, have never had the opportunity.

I know the circumstance this check represents will not be tax deductible on next years taxes, but that’s okay. That issue was taken care of years ago.

It is unlikely that any of my children will have the privilege of writing such I check, though I would wish it for them.

And it is my hope and desire that I never have to write such a check again – ever. And I do mean ever!!!

Yep, check number 1260 in my register. Amount, $87.90, made out to Jack Hutchison, my father in law. The purpose, reimbursement for a hospital bill from January 6, 1951. The day my wife was born. A check I was pleased to write. One that he will never cash. However, it represents a blessing I have enjoyed for right at 25 years now, and intend to enjoy for another 25 or more.

Thank you FATHER!  Thank you Jack and Jean Hutchison.


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