Turning Points

It could be the result of triumph or despair, but I suspect most of us have a turning point when the reality of God hits us like never before. As a splash of cold water to the face, we suddenly wake up to the intimacy of our faith and find a level of belief we had not known previously.

Looking back on my initial faith experience, I affirm such a turning point at the beginning of the journey. But it was just one of many. Yes, I lapsed more than most, but none the less, even in my darkness, there were periods of light that kept me cognizant  of the Divine and His ultimate expression of love in Christ.

Often times saving experiences with God are voiced in melodramatic phrases and almost surreal expressions. Sometimes to the point that the average person could never identify. Hearing or reading the recounting of peoples’ turning points are also, it seems, elongated and embellished sometimes to the point that makes me want to say, “Are you sure?”

Currently, I am reading a new book called Riven, by Jerry Jenkins. So new, in fact, it is not even in bookstores.  I was privileged to receive an advanced promotional  copy. Now I don’t usually read novels, or most types of fiction. However, this book has captured me from opening sentence to what I think will be closing moments.  You see, I purposely did not finish the book yesterday because I did not want to be tempted in revealing the “end.”

In this book, the reality of the Christian life, as many of us experience it, is set out in a way that makes perfect sense. There is no “Oh, how wonderful” at the turn of every page, just the stark reality of life as it often plays out on both sides of the fence. Yes, there are turning points, but they come not so much as flashes of light in the darkness, rather gradually, like the sun’s rays peaking through the blinds.

It is without shame that I say, “You must read this book.” It engages the mind and the heart as you follow the life of two main characters that are not as antithetical as you might think.

Thank you Father for those turning points in my life, those times when your reality and presence force me to my knees crying “Glory!”


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