Truth Matters

It is irritating me like a nagging itch I cannot scratch. And for the life of me I cannot figure out why. Part of it may be a reaction to this “tell all” book by Scott McClellan. Part of may be the whole political scene surrounding the upcoming election. Part of it, I suspect, may be my own haunting past of deception. Whatever the number of parts, and the role I may or may not play, I am perplexed and bewildered.

There may be a relative issue when it comes to truthfulness. I am not certain. But it seems to me, saying “yes”, if my wife asks me, “Does my hair look okay?”, even when it may not, is unequal to saying “yes” if my boss asks me, “Did you fill out your timecard accurately?” and I did not.

Perhaps what is irritating me is that people – seemingly important people – are knowingly deceptive and everyone knows it. Like politicians saying they are not going to raise taxes. The news media saying the present fair and objective reporting. Or religious leaders refusing to make public their financial records.

None of this is a surprise so much as it is so flippant. So obvious. So cavalier.

Does truth matter only when it serves an agenda, or does it matter period? Are the American people willing to neutralize truth in favor or getting something in return? Do I understand the value and long-term benefit of truth and am I willing to stand up for it, no matter what?

It’s an itch I gotta scratch.


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