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I enjoy my blogs. In great part, I write them for personal enrichment. They help me put down in words, what is rattling around in my brain or tugging at my heart. At the same time they are accessible to thousands, even millions of people. Therefore, if someone gains value from reading them, I am pleased.

Blogs are everywhere and written by just about anyone. In some respects, they have replaced, or significantly altered, the use of Web sites. If one has a Web site, they almost must have a blog. People want to hear and interact with the thoughts of others. We don’t do that very well in person, for fear of offending someone, but we will do it in cyberspace.

Would Mark, Luke, or Paul have written blogs?

If Luke is accurate, and we have no reason to believe he was not, there were “many” writing good and accurate chronicles or accounts of the life and ministry of Christ – perhaps even the early years of the church. However, he sees it as important to put together an orderly, somewhat chronological account of these events. Not just so he can express himself, rather that he might assist Theophilus with understanding what he has heard concerning the Christ.

Having investigated and “traced out” these writings, complimented by his own experience, Luke sets out to compile an orderly account in order that Theophilus, or whomever would read it, would have certainty concerning the things they had been taught. In many regards, this is the first discipling program outlined in the NT.

It seems that often Church discipleship programs are focused on church order, doctrine, and determining one’s gift(s).  Here Luke indicates that what is important is knowing Christ! His life, his way of thinking and doing. After all, that is the intent of being a disciple – knowing Christ and reflecting him.

I suspect I would have been a subscriber to Luke’s blog. He would be talking about what I need to know about – Jesus Christ.


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