If it were not so sad, it would be somewhat funny. There are many days – most days in fact, when scatterbrain defines who I am.

Even though there is a band by the name and a book, I am referring to neither of those, rather the state of mind – being scatterbrain.

The on-line Webster definition is “a giddy, heedless person.” Of course the key word there is “giddy.” That word means, 1) “having or causing a whirling sensation – an unsteady sensation, dizzy or 2) frivolous.” Frivolous being the operative word. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines it as, “One who is incapable of concentrated thinking.”

If my scatterbrain were severe, I suppose one might call it ADD. But, of course, I think it’s not. The malady simply allows me to lose focus, it does not cause me to loose focus. And even though the definition says so, it is not that I am “incapable of concentrated thinking.” I am. My condition manifests itself by a myriad of ideas and “need-to-do” activities crowding my brain and heart in such a manner that I allow myself to get lost in the chaos.

The writer of Proverbs says that “Many are the plans in the mind of a man… (19:21a) The two Hebrew words many and plans can lend themselves to this idea of being scatterbrain. The writer goes on to say, “…But it is the purpose/counsel of the LORD that will stand.”

Knowing the purpose/counsel of the LORD is what neutralizes scatterbrain tendencies. Of course the key there is “knowing”, which also brings havoc to me. Not so much because one cannot know the purpose/counsel of God, but because there is an implied time element there. It does not just happen, it comes from listening, learning, and following. Three things that I have difficulty with – Oh, did I mention scatterbrain?

My nature wants things to happen now! Not tomorrow, next week, next year, or a dozen years from now, but NOW! Have you ever felt that way? That, my friend, starts the circle which leads to “many plans”, which feeds the condition of scatterbrain, which can, if allowed to go unchecked, short-circuit the plan/counsel of the LORD.

The writer of Proverbs also says, “When a man’s folly brings his way to ruin, his heart rages against the LORD (19:3).” The MacDonald translation would be, “Scatterbrain tendencies are like throwing a wrench into the works, then we wondering why God shut down the line.” To put it simply, I undo the knot, then yell and blame God for letting the boat drift off. Rather ridiculous isn’t it?

There is no simple fix for scatterbrain. It takes discipline to focus and bring things into submission. To push the trivial to the background and engage the significant. Easier said than done, but I am working on it.

Oops, gotta run, I have a million things to do today!



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2 responses to “Scatterbrain

  1. Phil

    Love your blog. Just wanted to let you know that “lose” is the verb (as in “to lose one’s mind”), while “loose” is the adjective (as in “loose as a goose”). Hope that’s helpful.


  2. nmacdonald

    Thanks for the comments Phil and your direction. Some times I lose sight of things when loose typing skills take over and I lose my focus.

    Stop by again.


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