Let’s Have a Healing

Our world has its share of faith healers. But let’s face it, many if not most are merely charlatans and money grabbers. Nevertheless, crowds flock to their assemblies. Some out of curiosity, like NASCAR fans hoping to see the big wreck, others genuinely seeking a healing.

In our country, we don’t see much actual healing going on as a result of faithful prayers or miraculous works. But it does happen. In other countries, those countries that don’t get bogged down with the doubts that plague our western civilization, it is seen more frequently.

When Jesus healed, he healed! It was not a time issue, other than instantaneous. The healing was just that – a healing.

Because the disciple Luke apparently had a medical background, healings are significant to him. In the gospel of Luke, as Jesus comes down from the mountain after selecting the twelve apostles, he records a rather significant event. Crowds are coming to Jesus not to spy out or test his ministry and legitimacy, but to experience his ministry through a healing. In Luke 6:17-19 it is recorded that those with diseases were being healed and those being harassed by evil spirits were cured.

Now I think it is interesting that Luke makes the distinction between diseases and the annoying work of evil spirits. It is one thing to suffer the effects of, lets say, diabetes. It is quite another to have your mind and heart harassed by evil spirits. Diabetes is selective, the suppressing anguish that comes from the evil one can be considered random and almost universal in potential. Yet, Jesus heals them all.

For believers, we can be victims of a plethora of diseases. There is no exemption for those in Christ. However, what can impact our testimony and ability to follow Christ is the annoying sniping of evil spirits. Like picking at a wound that is trying to heal, the enemy seeks to harass and squeeze us in such a way that we hang on to fears, doubts, and and guilt. Just when we think we’ve made a breakthrough he throws a rock through the window of our mind and says, “Not so fast!”

Those in Christ can never be possessed by evil spirits, it is incongruent with the presence of the Holy Spirit. However, that does not prevent the demons of hell from pushing us down and attacking us like annoying flies at a picnic – except with greater consequence.

Luke tells us that “all the crowd sought to touch (Jesus), for power came out from him and healed them all.”  It is through the power of Christ and the shield of protection the Holy Spirit provides that we find a healing from this onslaught of evil and tormentors of the mind.  The demons of darkness cannot abide in the light of Christ.

“Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”  James 4:7


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