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From time to time there are just some things you must share with others. In this event, it is Bible study tools and web sites that might provide benefits to your study and growth as a follower of Christ.

What spurred this thinking again was my Pastor’s recommendation of a Bible study software program that he called “amazing.”  It indeed is amazing and rather expensive. Nevertheless, nosey me, decided to check it out and see what it offered. This lead me on a comparison search of other Bible software programs in the marketplace. Looking at, comparing, and reading reviews for many of the programs out there, I actually decided to stay with my freebie. It offers much of what some of the more expensive programs offer and not a lot of stuff I would probably never use. Plus, I can add modules as they become available – some free and some require a purchase.

Therefore — What’s the there for? — I decided to share a bit of what I found.

What my Pastor recommended was the Bible Scholar from LOGOS Bible Software.  There are several different versions of their software available with varying content and pricing. The nice thing is, you can start small and then build your electronic library as funds allow. One caution – these sources us a proprietary reader. As long as that software is supported you are in good stead. If not, well…..

WORDsearch also offers a variety of programs at different price points. They do have a program called “Bible Explorer” that you can download for free. If has several features that, if you do not have a Bible software program, may be attractive to you.  (I found it cumbersome to use and not as intuitive as my E-Sword software.)  This software also uses a proprietary reader called STEP. Same goes here as with the LOGOS series.

If you are into the original languages and like a more in-depth  and scholarly approach to that type of study, try BibleWorks. According to my PhD pursuing son in-law, that is what most of the graduate students prefer and use.

Now, if you’re like me and like free…there are several options. Some you download and others you use on-line.  My favorite is E-Sword. They offer an extensive array of Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Word Study aides, and more – much of it free.  I’ve used it for about a year and enjoy it a lot. My son in-law uses the “pocket version” designed for PDAs and similar devices.    Now as with many free programs donations are what keep these guys in business and allow additional programs to be offered. So I make sure I support them.

In addition, there are many web sites that you can visit to access different translations and resources.  Here are just a few that I have visited;,,, and    You may find these or others useful and that’s great.

If you are serious about Bible study and if you teach or lead a small group, these tools can be very helpful. Plus, they don’t take up room on your bookshelf!

Find what works for you and enjoy the benefits of high-speed study.


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