Carry or Tarry

Currently I am reading a book called The Great Giveaway  by David E. Fitch.  I came across the book during a project I’m working on regarding Megachurches. This book is a fascinating read and although I have not completed it, his theme seems true and on target:

“Reclaiming the mission of the church from big business, parachurch organizations, psychotherapy, consumer capitalism and other modern maladies.”

While reading the other day, I felt a bit of inspiration and so I penned the following… it has nothing to do with the church we attend, simply a reflection of my thoughts that day.

Carry or Tarry


I thought it odd this church of mine

So big, so busy, so brave

Would woo so many from so far

Yet never once talk slaves


We see decisions every week

They come all shapes and sizes

There’s hardly ever a challenge made

Which quite frankly should surprise us


By challenge I mean to follow

Follow the Christ who saves us

Not just decide to climb aboard

But choose to let him change us


Sanctify, disciple, be fruitful

All terms that should inspire us

Yet somehow in the scheme of it all

That challenge lags behind us


They’re not just words – we all know that

It’s life and character that matters

Should I just say “yes” and nothing more

It becomes just so much clatter


“Come follow me…Take up your cross…”

Daily, weekly, yearly

There is a cost he says for sure

It cost him oh so dearly


What right have I or anyone

To think we owe him less

Then giving what he gave for us

Our all, our life, our best


Heavy is the cross – but easy is the yoke

Let’s choose them both to carry

And pray with earnest for other folks

Should they simply want to tarry



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