Time to Relax

My wife and I have been on vacation this past week and it’s been wonderful. We had a chance to see and play with our grandsons from the UK. Our daughter and the boys flew in from England to spend some time here in the states so we took advantage of that to share a few moments with them. It was wonderful.  We have also been doing some work for my mom around her house and then just basically relaxing.

Relaxing is hard for my wife to do. But I come by it rather easily. In fact, to a great degree my mind has shut down. Thinking only of family, reading some scripture and sharing some of my writings. So it has been nice.

As I grow older, I learn more and more about my family that I had not known before. To some degree that is good. On the other hand, I continually am surprised by what I discover. I think those discoveries make me a better person, but they also cause me to wonder about how I could have missed so much growing up.  Perhaps I was not paying attention. Maybe I did not care and just tuned things out. Then again, maybe I did not want to know. A form of protecting myself, I suppose.  Nevertheless, I am finding it all rather amazing.

I learned last night that my younger sister really “hung on my every word.” I never knew that. In fact, I always thought that perhaps our relationship was more superficial than familial. So it shocked me to hear her say it but at the same time made me realize how shallow I am in protecting and maintaining family ties.

Yes, it’s vacation – but I am learning a great deal about me – even more about those in my life that I need to be more expressive towards. They are family and I love them.

Now it’s time to get back to vacation.


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