Rain — Rain At Last

It’s raining in the south-central part of NC!  And around my house, it’s raining big time. Sometimes a gentle spring-like rain, other times it seems like an old fashioned gully washer. Nevertheless, it’s raining and Lord knows we needed it.

Having lived in West Texas for a few years, I learned something about rain. Or at least, how people approach the idea of rain and prayer. The farmers there, seek fervently and request prayer often for rain when there has been no rain. Then, when the rain comes, they seek fervently and request prayer that the rains end because they have too much. That always struck me as being an odd approach to prayer – not to rain.

Here in NC there have been many that have been “praying” for rain. Now, if not today, surely tomorrow, they will be saying they have too much rain. Streets are flooded, rivers have over-flowed their banks, so on and so on.

It seems that perhaps God can’t quite get this amount-of-rain-thing down.

Naturally, that is not true. Unless of course God is in some way disciplining us and saying, “Okay, you want rain, here, have some rain!” Similar to what He did to the Israelites when they complained they had no meat (Numbers 11:18ff). They complained they had no meat, He responded with meat until it came out their nostrils.

I suspect there are times when we best leave things as they are. If God is God, He certainly knows what He’s doing. Why should we think it’s in our interest, or that of any one, to intervene or even intercede to change God’s direction. Our prayers might be better directed toward accepting God’s sovereign will and adjust OUR lives accordingly, not praying that somehow God adjust His.

As Winston Churchill apparently said, “If you are going through hell, keep going!”


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