Go Figure!

I believe it was Forrest Gump, at least Tom Hanks playing Forrest Gump, that said “stupid is as stupid does.” I don’t believe there’s a better definition of that than what we are seeing with Hurricane Ike.  For a couple of weeks now forecasters have been describing this storm as a “monster”. Tracking it’s slow movement, unsure of where it would make landfall, they have – as we know – now said Galveston, TX and the Houston area is ground zero.

The mayor of Galveston has ordered a complete evacuation of the area – but apparently – besides moronic weather people, a good number of people have decided to “ride it out” as they say.  Even though there has been a warning of “certain death” if people remained in specific areas.  Already, the Coast Guard and Fire/Rescue squads have had to rescue several people who for some reason thought it would be fun to stick around and see if they could beat the odds.  It is predicted to become so bad, police are telling the stay-behinds to write their social security number on their arms with permanent markers so they can be identified later.

Now here’s the deal. It’s one thing if people chose to live in those areas and decide to defy the odds. It’s another thing to ask me or other taxpayers to pay for rescuing. Send them the damn bill.  Then of course, for people injured or killed, folks will squawk and moan because the “government” didn’t do enough to ensure their safety. (Obama voters!)   Uhm…. “Stupid is as stupid does” comes to mind. 

People complained after Rita that the government dropped the ball. And it’s likely they did. Now when officials at every level of government say “get your butt out!” and people don’t or won’t – folks will still  complain. Go figure.

I’m all for the pioneering spirit that built our great land. But sometimes you just gotta know when your whipped and turn around.


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