Angels Watchin’ Over Me

Last night on ABC Nightly News there was a segment on Angels.  I’m not certain what the motive was for the piece, perhaps the number of catastrophic events in our country and around the world, or some other motive. Nevertheless, it was interesting that two things were predominant in the piece. One, that most people, 68% of the people surveyed believe in Angels and Demons, 46% of people surveyed believe they have a guardian angel and 20% of people surveyed say they have had an “encounter” with an angel or demon. Secondly, as I had pointed out in an earlier post, the piece noted that most Protestant denominations believe that miracles are no longer valid in today’s world, but ended at the end of biblical times.

I suppose that my journey has taken me to both ends of the spectrum: Yes, angels and demons do exist and are active in today’s culture and no, those type of spiritual beings are merely spiritual fantasies.  But the question must be asked, “If one believes in a literal heaven and hell, why would they not believe in angels and demons?”  It seems the two go hand and hand. But then again, religion based on convenience and the ability to explain it, has never really been consistent either across denominations or across cultures.

I recall a time, recently after I had moved to Lubbock, TX in preparation for college, that we had some snow.  I was driving along one of the main roads and suddenly the car in front of me stopped dead. I braked and of course began to slide on the the snow covered street. I’m not sure what I cried out, but I did cry out to God for help. I kept sliding, but never came any closer to the car in front of me. It was a surreal experience. I’m not sure how that happened, but I do recall saying a “Thank You” to my guardian angel.

With all candor, I’m not certain where I would come down on this issue today. If there is a spiritual realm, then it seems more than logical that there are spiritual beings that inhabit that spiritual realm. Then again, if the spiritual realm is simply a way for man to reconcile his need for some form of god and it is simply a mental exercise, than spiritual beings are neither required nor necessary.  I rather enjoy thinking that there is some “one” watching over my children and grand children. Some guardian angel that keeps them in his/her care. Then again, ultimately, I suppose all of that watching out stuff is left to God.

Bottom line, I suspect I could be counted in all three of the categories surveyed. Which is good, I don’t like to be on outside looking in!  🙂


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  1. As one who has written seven books about angels and miracles (WHERE ANGELS WALK sold over a million copies) I am always surprised that the media is surprised, when these surveys come out. Could it be that, according to yet another poll, of the 500 most influential people in the media, newspaper and magazines editors, national press corp, TV talk show hosts etc, almost 90% say they have no personal faith? Even if an angel came and sat on their shoulder, they probably wouldn’t recognize this beautiful being.
    For the rest of us, angels are mentioned over 300 times in Scripture, which ceratinly ought to give us a clue as to their importance to God. Why not just accept them, and be glad?


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