My Faith

Where does my faith gain its meaning?

What fuels the inner soul of faith?

Is it prayer

Is it study

Is it good deeds,

Strong emotions

Is it giving

Is it faithful living

Is it moral strength,

Or being pricked by moral weakness

How does a believer measure their belief?

What yardstick counts the inches of one’s faith?

When I don’t feel Christian am I still?

When my mind struggles with discipline

Or rejects common beliefs,

Am I still a person of faith?

Does doubt deny faith?

Is the mind the enemy of faith or its friend?

Is peak emotion the affirmation?

What deserves a “well done my faithful servant?”

What consummates the Father – child relationship?

Is being a “follower” enough or a “follower/learner?”

It is in seeking and serving that one finds

The knowledge of God

Keep on oh struggling soul.


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