Wait!!! I’m Not Ready

If you’ve been on another planet, in a cave, or camped out in the wilderness for the last two years, its almost impossible to NOT know that come February regular TV goes away and North America goes DTV – Digital TV. Well, that was the plan. However, our new President Elect and others say we should hold off because not everyone is ready to make the switch! Not long, just three or four months until everyone can get ready!

Now I’m not certain if “not ready” means they have not gotten the message; failed to act on the message; or not ready because they ignored the message. Yes, I know there may be those who cannot afford to make the switch from Rabbit-Ears to a conversion box, but I’m not sure that’s a valid excuse since the government has been offering coupons for converter boxes for almost two years now. Yes, there may be those who did not understand the message and figured it did not apply to them, although I’m not sure who that kind of person is. And yes, there may be those that no matter what is done or said will not move off the dime to get ready for the switch.

In like manner, for almost 1500 years now, people have been preaching, proclaiming and announcing doom with the end of the world and the return of Christ. Of course, “coupons” have been offered to help people prepare for that time. But alas, many have not taken advantage of the “coupons” nor have they paid much attention to the PSA that this event is coming. So… perhaps there will be a delay – you know, just three or four more centuries. After all, maybe not everyone has heard. But then again, as time goes on there will continue to be people who have not heard. In fact, as long as new births continue, those who have not heard will continue.  So I suspect it’s time.

OH….Wait!!! I’m not ready.


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