Politics and Faith

I’m listening to President Bush offer his farewell remarks to the nation. Many Americans and others around the world, have great disdain for him. But frankly, I have unmeasured admiration for him. It’s true he may have made mistakes, been given faulty information with which to make decisions and acted with less expediency than others would demand. But one thing I know. Since 9/11 I’ve felt safe and assured that I have a President who will not back down and not wait to take the offense against our enemies. Frankly, I suspect for the next 4 years, possibly 8, we’ll never see that kind of courage or sense that level of safety again.

He also talks about America’s “moral clarity.” As a man of faith, I believe he understands what that clarity means and looks like. Others, we’ll find, see moral clarity as situational and flexible – without absolutes and determined by an absence of faith. This will be never more clear than what will see happen under the current Democratic leadership.

I expect that what will happen in our future is that government will be more and more invasive in our lives. It will strive to set moral standards based on false beliefs and a distorted sense of reality. It will push faith to the background and moral relativism to the forefront. Without a doubt, we are not facing America’s finest hour in the months and years ahead. If we think our current economic crisis is the worst it will get, I suspect we’ll have a rude awakening to deal with.

In the days ahead, I suspect those of faith will be tested in ways never before seen in our modern times. My greatest fear is that I will not be equipped to handle it. That I may feel useless in the “fight.”

Father, I seek strength and wisdom for the days ahead.


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