Moments in Time

There are certain “moments in time” that one expects to see as a forever part of their lives. Not necessarily epiphanies, although I’m sure that may be the case, but regular moments when you get caught up in the excitement and almost surreal nature of the experience.  I had one of those moments today.

My wife and I teach a new members group for our church. Alice, my wife, was instrumental in getting it organized and laying out the “curriculum” for it. I’ve been a teacher/helper along with some others. Part of my role is to teach sessions on certain church ordinances, the “Baptist Faith & Message”, gifting and a couple other things.

This mornings class was focused on what is a Southern Baptist and Southern Baptists compared with other baptists and certain doctrines outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message. What made everything special was the excitement and energy of people opening their hearts and minds to explore and think about things they may have made assumptions about for a good deal of their lives. Some in our class, Southern Baptists for thirty, forty or more years were opening their minds and hearts to realize that some of what they knew was not really what they knew.

Let me explain that last statement. Much of learning takes place simply by coming to the realization that we know what we don’t know and have a certain freedom in that not knowing. Not only that, but realizing that we don’t know will free us to begin to learn and know. Not simply because someone tells us something, but because we’ve examined it for perhaps the first time and now have an “ah ha” moment.  Those, my friend, are moments in time to cherish.

Myself, I enjoy learning and stretching my mind around new ideas and concepts. Either that, or closely examining something I’ve thought I knew and attempt to come to terms with its strength or weakness as an idea. But….when I get to share those moments with others – well, that’s simply hard to beat.

Life is short. Too short to not be learning. Therefore, I think I’ll use today as a springboard for tomorrow. Perhaps, I’ll stumble across another moment in time.

Ain’t life grand!


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