God’s Sovereignty

I was reading the Jesus Creed blog tonight and thought I would encourage you to check it out. The entry is on God’s Sovereignty, or put more succinctly God and the Obama presidency.  I’m not certain – strike that – I’m certain I don’t agree with Scot’s position, even his hypotheticals. Nevertheless, it did get me thinking.

Does God care that Obama is President? I mean, does he care in the sense that this presidency could in a very real sense end the United States of America as it has been known for two hundred years?  Does he care about the agenda of a president who has a more liberal program of views than perhaps any president in any time in history? Does he care that the progressives and liberals may strangle the very lifeblood from our Constitution? Or – pardon the expression – is the United States simply a pimple on the butt of the world and God has better and more pressing things to be concerned about?

Personally, I don’t think God is that intimately involved in my day to day life or that of our country for that matter. I suspect he could care less whether I wear briefs or boxers; whether I eat pizza or broccoli; whether I drink a beer or sip on ice tea. I do suspect he cares about how I live in relationship to other people; whether or not I care about the things scripture says I should care about; whether or not I stand against injustice and strive to be a voice for those who seem to have none.

As I get older, I see more things that bother me. More issues that temp me. I think it is my responsibility to stand up and let my views be known to those elected to serve our community, our state, our country. But do I think for a moment that I can expect God to intervene? That he would take a hair count of all involved each day and say, “Wait that is wrong and I will not allow it!” Should I forget that he causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust; that in the same county somewhere in Texas one farmer is praying for rain and another praying that the rain would cease?

I do not know the mind of God. Nor do I have a desire to. I do not know God’s sovereign will, although I’d like to – maybe. I do not know the why, the how, or the net result of what God may or may not be doing in the lives of anyone, let alone myself. My responsibility is to pray, “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  So perhaps I should relax and be content looking forward to looking back. But that is not what I choose to do; at least not today.

Dare I say it…. God Bless the United States of America!


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