The “Other Side” of the Stimulus Pkg

David Limbaugh, Rush’s brother, has some fairly cogent arguments regarding the Obama stimulus package set before the House and Congress and being force fed to the American people. You can read about it here.  This further demonstrates the two sides to every situation, or most situations.

I could rant about this thing for a while, but will not. What I would say is Obama’s bully pulpit is finally showing his true color (no pun intended).  He is not a patriot, rather he is a purveyor of government as usual and entitlements galore.  His latest stumping and so called press conference show that he can say a lot about nothing and do it with conviction. It also demonstrates that somehow, for some reason people believe him, or want to believe him.

It is unfortunate that three Republicans are moving to a democratic position by siding with this bill. Not that it would make a difference. However, what is more unfortunate is that it seems government is no longer listening to the American people it is supposed to serve. The majority did not want the first “bailout” measure under Bush, or the automakers bailout, but we got it anyway. The majority of Americans are leaning away from this “stimulus” package, but it will be pushed through anyway. That in an of itself is a sad day for our country.

Perhaps you don’t care. Perhaps you figure its a good thing. Perhaps you are all for the Obama mission. By time we learn this stimulus stimulated nothing but stimulating more government spending which stimulated a staggering debt we will never get out from under – EVER. Then so be it. Just know, there is another side to the story.


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