Sobering Times

Whether you try to ignore it or simply say it does not exist, what our country is experiencing now is much more than some people can handle. A man in California kills his family, than himself, because he and his wife were let go from their jobs. A man in OH strangles his wife and child then turns a shotgun on himself because they were facing financial disaster. An elderly woman shoots herself because authorities were coming to foreclose on her home.   These are indeed sobering reminders of who people are impacted by other people’s negligence and greed.

The problem is, I think, people feel like they have no where to turn. Their situation is suffered in silence. Take the man in OH. The neighbors and previous co-workers had no idea this was something he would contemplate. Then again, who would?  If you lost your job, perhaps you have already, or were about to have your home foreclosed, or were on your last dollar to feed your family or pay bills. How would you react?  Who would you tell?  Where could you go for help?

Often, when people analyze what’s the worst that could happen and could they deal with it, many are saying “no!” Losing a job, having your car repossessed, your home taken away, your credit ruined, and being forced to stand in line at a food bank or unemployment office assaults some people’s dignity. Their sense of self-worth. Could it be there is no family support, community support, or church support that could help them weather the storm? Or are people to embarrassed to ask?

We have thought a good deal about our personal situation. After all, these are sobering times. My wife works in a volatile industry, housing. What will happen when no one buys homes any more. When the government says they will give home buyers a tax credit, but for fear of extended economic depression, no one wants to buy a home regardless of the tax credit because they are not sure they can afford the payments six months or a year from now.  So what will we do when we cannot make our mortgage or monthly bills? Where will we go? What will we do?

I’m willing to concede these times are not escaping the eyes of the Father. Whether he “caused it” or simply is “allowing it,” there’s not a lot of comfort in either. So what should our response be if the hammer falls on our little piece of wood. Of course, my wife is a glass-half-full kind of person. Me, I’m a glass-half-empty kind of guy. So I’m hoping her glass is the one we drink from!

When it is all said and done, should we lose everything, I am hoping I would find contentment in the one thing that matters most, the love my wife and I share and have shared for almost 26 years. Along with that, give me my Bible and secure my second amendment right and I’ll be fine. At least I would like to think my mind and heart would interpret that as fine.

These are sobering times. Gee….I could use a drink!  🙂



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4 responses to “Sobering Times

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  2. Audrey

    Just add your 1/2 cup of water to Alice’s 1/2 cup of water and there will be plenty. 🙂


  3. Audrey

    We have our father’s optimism.


  4. Norm

    Thanks for stopping by Audrey. I will admit, your father’s optimism is indeed contagious and fruitful.


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