“Gimme” the New Obamaism

I stood in disbelief as she said it. As confused and unaware as she was about technology, price did not seem to be an issue of any sort.

As she looked at what was available in our store, she finally said. “Social Services is going to pay for it, so it really doesn’t matter how much. We also need a printer…about two or three hundred dollars would be fine.”  What my mind was screaming was this…”That’s my money your spending without any consideration!”   But again she reiterated, “Social Services will pay for it, so if you could print out a description of the items I’ll turn them in!”

I was shocked! Not so much that I couldn’t even afford what she was planning to buy, she seemed so cavalier about the fact that something called “social services” was going to pay for it all!   I wanted to tell her – “Guess what lady, I AM social services. It’s my taxes that are going to be used for your little purchase here. Perhaps you should pick a less expensive printer and computer.”    But I did not. I simply complied with her request as she seemed oblivious to who was actually going to be paying for her little shopping trip.

That’s obamaism. As our government opens the floodgates of spending I expect it will be even more prevalent. So I  best keep my hand on my wallet.  There are plenty more out there saying, “Gimme!”


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