Firm in the Faith

Often, we take a word like faith and make it more of an emotion than an action. We pin its meaning to how we feel in the Lord rather than how we are acting in the Lord. The word becomes a shield for our inactivity instead of a sword for moving forward in battle. I suspect that may be human nature to some degree and false theology to another.

Tucked away in the beginning chapters of the Prophet Isaiah, we hear the words of YHWH to Ahaz, the king of Judah. The context is one of battle. The enemies from the North are about to swallow up Judah and make it part of their kingdom. But God has different plans and expects Ahaz to act accordingly. In summary of the charge God basically says, what they have planned will not happen, in fact, their is destruction in the future of Israel if and it’s a big if…”If you (Ahaz/Judah) are firm in your faith…(Is 7:9).”  God says, “If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all.” Or as the NASB says, “If you do not believe you surely will not last.”   In other words, stand firm and resist and this thing “they” propose will not come to pass.

Many times I expect my faith to be expressed in sit-back-and-watch terms. However, I am not at all certain that is what God intended. If I am not willing to move out – take action – put some feet to my prayers – stand my ground, etc. than there is little hope that anything will come of my so-called faith. Firm in the faith means follow through on God’s leading. If I know what he says and do not do it – how can I expect my faith to be fruitful?  If a seed is planted and not watered, cultivated and nourished, it will not grow nor produce fruit.

“If (we) are not firm in faith, (we) will not be firm at all.”  If we do not stand than we have no standing. If, on the other hand, we establish a firm footing of faith, than we will be established (2Chr 20:20).

My propensity is to sit and wait on God to do something. Perhaps God is sitting and waiting for me to do something!


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