Does It Matter?

There is little doubt that my life is not an exceptional witness for Christ.  If I put my life up against some of my friends or family, I would pale in comparison.  I don’t always say the right things, think the right things, or do the right things. Often, my testimony would be far from glorifying and certainly not point people to Jesus, whatever that means.  However……

When it comes to work I try exceptionally hard to do things right as well as the right thing. That is one area where I can actually control most if not all of my actions and emotions. Not that I always keep things under control, but most of the time I do and that’s a good thing since most of the people I work with are not believers.  Yet, one of them is.  And here’s my beef. Not criticism so much as a genuine beef.  I’ve run into this thing before and it really galls me. This person is consistently late for work. And I do mean consistently.

An acquaintance of ours, many years ago, at our small group study made this observation. Now note – this person was in his early thirties at the time.  He stated that after reading his employment contract at his new job, it dawned on him that his new employer expected him to be there every day and on time every day.  He’d never thought timeliness was that big of a deal before, hence his seeking a new job. This time, the employer made it clear that not showing up for work on time was not acceptable. I was flabbergasted that it was just now dawning on this guy that showing up for work on time each day was important!

I’m sure there are a good many things I do at work that might chip away at my testimony. But not showing up on time will never be one of them. As I learned many years ago, being on time is the ultimate in personal responsibility. And YES, it does matter!

Now…all that having been said….I’ll move to another area – the “Christian” people who are customers. At times, it is almost embarrassing to be a believer when I see how some act and speak in a retail environment. The other day, one lady I was waiting on was very curt and condescending as she wore her bright read t-shirt with “Christ is Alive” printed boldly on the front.  I was well tempted to say, “Ma’am it might be best if you left that shirt at home!”

Yes, it’s hard to wear our testimony 24/7 and to do it in such a way that is honoring to Christ and a positive attraction to those around us. Perhaps there are times when I should stay indoors and not risk chipping away at the credibility of the gospel. After all, it does matter. But I know that getting it right all the time is not practical, at least I don’t think it is. But again, it does matter. So at least being sensitive and aware is great beginning. Heck, it good be a good ending as well.


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  1. Not really much to say here. You pretty well covered it. I will say that I agree with you and being on time. Timeliness is such an easy thing to do of the basics. My goodness.

    Bishop Jakes did a message quite a while back on (I think) forgivable sin. Anyway, the title is irrelevant, the message was great. It covered sins that we have personally that we allow in others, lest the light shine on us. If we’re a lier, we tolerate another lier, but pity that thief; pity that man who cusses, and etc.

    Not that I’m saying that one sin is worse than another, that’s not it at all. No sin is worse than another. It is man who attaches the degree of sin on sin, not God. That boggles the mind of man. A thief is the same as a murderer? According to God, yes. It’s not the sin but the transgression of sin that disappoints God. James 2:10 says as much.

    Anyway, getting back to your late thought, being late all the time is nothing more than arrogance. Nothing more, nothing less. It shows disrespect for the other party of their time, their agenda, and their schedule. It says, “Look at me folks. Look at my entrance.”

    That is not a likable trait in anybody. Plus, I know it’s cliche, but we might be the only Bible that someone sees.


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