Opinions Matter

What I learned about our President yesterday during his two so-called news conferences was this: If you disagree with him you are somehow inferior and non-consequential and secondly, the voice of the people – even the minority – is trivialized.

It appears, when it comes to “change”, if I don’t agree with his definition of change, my voice does not count. The Republican voice does not count, the conservative voice does not count. We will get his idea of change shoved down our throat with little discussion or debate. As we all know, most, if not all, the government bureaucrats did not even read the stimulus bill before voting on it!

I also learned that even though our President calls on the American people for sacrifice, apparently that same level of sacrifice is not required of the government. Even though he indicated in a prior speech that government too must “tighten its belt” in these tough economic times. Hence a $300,000 “mistake” fly over for a photo-op is okay and another $300,000 or more trip to MO to say what he said on prime time television is okay.  Sure, squelch bonuses for the banks, fire company presidents because they don’t do what you want them to do, resist banks from paying back their bail-out funds, but go ahead and squander tax payer money on petty ploys to promote your agenda.  Is no one really paying attention?

I have an opinion. Some, a fairly large “some”, people have opinions that differ with the current administration. But apparently that does not matter. Of course, if we all were gay, or transsexual, or pro-abortion, or anti-gun, or pro-immigration I suspect our voice would be heard with joy. But to disagree – that marginalizes you as non-consequential and uninformed.

It is a sad day for America when we have a one party government and an administration that cares little about the other side’s voice. Perhaps Mr. Obama should look at the numbers again and realize he won his position not with an overwhelming majority of the popular vote, but barely over 50% of the popular vote. That means that a large segment of the population may not agree with him. To ignore that portion of the population borders very close to arrogance.

Opinion’s matter, even if we may be “waving tea bags.”


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One response to “Opinions Matter

  1. It’s all about worldview, agenda. Obama (as well as Bush and ALL the cronies) are puppets. The forefathers warned us but would we listen? A resounding NO_O_O! Obama’s cabinet reds like a who’s who of the CFR, the Bildebergs.They are all in violation of the Constitution under the Logan Act. EVERYTHING that is happening today is because of the NWO (New World Oder).

    There WILL be a NAU (North American Union). It’s not that our opinion do not matter, it’s because they don’t care – because of THAT worldview.

    For a better insight, you might want to read my MySpace blogs, “The biggest Scam in History,” and “War and Money.” My profile is at jjrlsmsaa.

    We need to be vigilant and prepared – and resist – through our prayers also. The reason is to resist is to be sure of God’s timing. These things must come to pass but in God’s timing.

    Another thing we must do is stay focused on God’s plan and not worry about the things on earth as it says in Colossians. 2 Peter 3:10-13 says a lot also. Right now, us Christians, we need to get our eyes off of the world and look up, for our redemption draweth nigh.

    (And I don’t mean to intimate that you are worried or that you aren’t doing these things. This is a blanket comment.)

    Thanks, and have a great day Norm. As usual, thought provoking, as any good blog is.


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