Just Wondering

Currently, to get me out of the house and earn some loose change, I’m working in a retail environment. It’s not always fun. I can’t really figure out why people have to open things – I suppose they think the product inside will somehow look oddly different than the picture on the box. Or why, once they have something and decide they don’t want it, they just put it anywhere instead of returning it to its place. I could go on.

Today, once customer brought me to a realization. I exude Christian character. Well…maybe that’s not quite true, but this customer did set me wondering about some things.

In NC there are about a dozen mega churches. These churches are, by definition, churches with an average weekly attendance of two thousand or more people. In fact, almost half of those churches are in and around the Charlotte area where we live. One is just down the street from where we live and the church we currently attend is fast moving toward the designation of a mega church. My point?

During my work day I often provide customer service to  “church” folk. I know they’re church folk because they talk about looking for items to use in church, for church, or to promote church. In the past seven months only one church person said anything to me about their church or the gospel. Actually, it was only about their church and he was the pastor. 

Today, one of my customers was a JW. She identified herself as such. Once we found the product she was looking for, as I was walking away, she asked, “Have you every read any of our material and how it relates to the Bible?”   I was a bit taken back by her question and after thinking about it for a couple of seconds, I simply looked her at her intently and said, “Ma’am, believe me, you don’t want to go there with me!”  

After thinking about her question, I realized that with all the Christians in all the mega churches around where I live, I have never had any one —NEVER HAD ANYONE – approach me with the gospel of Christ. Now what are the odds of that?

When I was in college, the girl I was dating at the time was devastated one day because someone had “witnessed” to her. She could not believe that her life seemed so unchristian that someone would think she needed to be evangelized.  I tried to explain to her that it was not an indictment of her character, but an encouraging indication that students on campus where actively sharing their faith. After all, believers don’t go around with a “believer’s mark”. So how does anyone know unless they ask?

Now I suspect that my life is such a reflection of love and grace that people readily see that I don’t need the gospel of grace. If they only knew!  🙂   But it does make me wonder.  In fact, I can say in the past 15 years, no one has ever presented the message of grace through Christ to me or in my presence to another. Wait, I could go back twenty years, even twenty five, perhaps even thirty years if my memory was still that good. 

 Just wondering what are the odds of that?


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  1. Wow. How cool is that. I probably could have thought of a few other things to say, however. You knew what you meant but dollars to donuts, she didn’t. Hopefully that wasn’t her first step of faith and her spirit got dampened. We’ll just pray otherwise.

    It is amazing though that the mission that Christ gave us, and how many believers actually are bold enough to forge ahead, undaunted. It’s been a while for me also.

    Interesting. I am amazed that if we keep our eyes and ears open and are just observant, how many things we can see and hear to write about. There is a plethora of possibilities out there.

    Later Bud,


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