Why Quickly?

Why is quickly an adverb that Obama finds he must use with regularity? He wanted his stimulus package passed quickly, he wanted his auto industry reform moved quickly, he wants his health-care package passed quickly.

One gets the sense that much of his agenda is being rammed down the throat of the American people. Much of the legislation and proposed legislation having never been read thoroughly, if at all, by the men and women who are voting on it. These are the men and women elected to represent the people. An idea that has long been discarded as so much litter along the highway of political process and posturing.  

Acting quickly is a good thing at times. However, when it comes to government policy and programs that will shape or misshape our country for years to come, I’m not a big fan of that type of process. After all, what is the President afraid of when it comes to a thorough and careful process of examination when it comes to his policies? As we are seeing now, those once in high favor of closing “Gitmo” are now saying, “Wait, shouldn’t we think this through with regard to where we’ll put these people when the facility is closed?”  Duh!!!!

Then there is national health-care. Something that has never been done in this country and something that should not be done in this country. But between the President and GE it is on the fast track? Why? Shouldn’t this type of policy change and reform be given close and careful consideration not just by lawmakers but by the American people? It will not be FREE for those who have no healthcare currently but will under the proposed legislation. It will be a cost heaped on the back of the rest of America and the business community.  When it comes to government, NOTHING is free – ever.

This whole process and political expediency idea concerns me greatly. Not because some of the programs are not needed or good. Rather because it appears like we are being sold – pushed like some shady used car salesman to sign on the dotted line before we actually read the contract for the lemon we are being sold.

I love my country – I suppot my President, not because I like him or voted for him, but because he is the President and deserves a hearing. But shouldn’t he also be giving the American people a hearing instead of mocking those who disagree with him or oppose his policies. Shouldn’t he be careful in pushing his personal agenda before anyone has a chance to study its ramifications?  Or is quickly the order of the day simply because he does not want his agenda examined? 

Why quickly? is a question many Americans should be asking.


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  1. For one Norm, Obama is just a puppet. The real leaders of this government is the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the federal Reserve, the Illuminati, and etc. The Feds are the real culprit because they control the money. It is why the debasement; the New World Order, and the North American Union. It WILL happen. Who was it that said, “Give me the control of the money and I care not who makes the laws.” Wasn’t it Wahlburg who said, ” We WILL have a NWO either by consent or by conquest.”

    If I wasn’t so concerned about the unsaved, I’d say, “Beam me up Lord, no intelligent life forms down here.” (And I speak of the Gov.)


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