The Letter and the Church

Recently, as part of the Glenn Beck show, a letter from a viewer/listener was read. You can read the letter for your self at this link . As I read the contents of the letter, it became obvious that the writer was noting things that were important to me. Issues that were significant and yet, seemingly controlled only by the “left.” As I sensed the writer’s frustration, I could feel my own frustration welling up inside. Frustration and anger.

If you’ve read any of this blog in the past, you know that I am NO FAN of Obama and Obamanomics.  Yes, I was favorable toward Bush, I knew he made mistakes and his associates made mistakes, but when that happened the media was quick to let everyone know and we could decide how that impacted our view of him as President. However, with Obama-god, we see now such check and balance. Everything the major media puts out is slanted with a  kiss-his-*** bias that quite frankly is sickening. And for the major media outlets to think for a moment that a good number of Americans are not aware of what is going on is a sad mistake for them. They have no credibility.  Of course, Fox news, the whipping boy of the Washington elite, may be “fair and balanced” but they too have their own slant to the right on many programs. I suspect that is to be expected if for no other reason than to give the American public a different view of the world.

If you read the letter you will see a basic plea. “Let me know my voice is heard and that I am being represented fairly.” That’s not too much to ask. Another point is simply this….quit spending money with no thought of what it is being spent on and how to recoup it when it comes time. A fair request under most circumstances.  Yet another, let the strong survive and the weak fail. That’s the way life is when life is “fair.”  Not that failing is fair, but if a person cannot manage their business, then no one is too big to fail!  No one.   Then there is the issue of illegal immigrants. I won’t speak for the writer of the letter, but from my perspective, get them out, keep them out and let’s get on with life.

I am not one to succumb to conspiracy theories, but wouldn’t it be odd if….As China and other countries buy up our debt, they suddenly “call the note” and we find ourselves a new China or a new Japan.  Or what if the Mexican illegal immigrants continue to ravage our border and populate at such a rate that before you know it, English is the second language and the flag outside the local courthouse is a Mexican flag. You may think I’ve lost the handle off my pail, but don’t be too sure.

Oh yes, my church tells me that “God is in control” and nothing happens that he is not aware of. Well that may be true. And it may also be true, as Mr. Obama has noted, we are “no longer a Christian nation.” Then what kind of nation are we? Muslim (for right now Mr. Obama’s closet belief )? Atheist? Agnostic? Humanist?

Where is the voice of the church in all of this? It is far past politics – an unholy ground for most churches. It has become a moral agenda. A moral agenda that is lubricated with economics and filtered through community activists. And, I might add, the agenda is anti-church at most every turn. Even though our President may misquote the Bible from time to time, it seems apparent that it is not his moral compass. He along with others in Washington may cross the threshold of their local church on Sunday but when they leave they indeed leave.

Jesus did not spend much time teaching about politics. I suspect not because it was a non-issue for him, rather because he was concerned with the Kingdom of God and rightly so. It seemed as though the kingdom was totally in apposition to the politics of the world. But was it?  Jesus did not talk about a good many things that impact our lives today; abortion, homosexuality, illegal immigration, taxation without representation, national debt, social entitlements, etc.  Does that mean those issues were not important? Does that mean he was not concerned about those issues?  I suspect not.

Everyone has a responsibility to be responsible citizens. It has been said that once the Declaration of Independence was signed Ben Franklin was walking out of the  meeting and encountered a woman in the Philadelphia community, apparently she asked, “Well is it a republic or monarchy?” Ben Franklin is said to have replied, “A republic if you can keep it.”   Friends we are in real danger of losing our republic. Government is taking more and more of our rights and giving us more and more government. Our states seem powerless to stand on their own simply because they have mirrored the muck the see in Washington. Few, states have actually resolved to maintain their sovereignty, sadly enough NC is not one of them. Many states are beholding to Washington and do not have the stones to stand up to the political machinery.

We are in deed a nation without a moral compass. We are a republic that is seldom, if ever, represented fairly by our representatives in Washington. We will soon find ourselves as nothing more than lackeys in service to a government that controls most areas of our life. In years past they would have called that slavery. Now we simply call it politics as usual.



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5 responses to “The Letter and the Church

  1. James Warren

    Hi Norm, I feel your pain brother. As sad as it is, it is the way things must be. The only thing we can do is fight and resist because it is what we are called to do. But in the end. . .

    We have read the end of The Book and know what must be. The enemy knows who to attack to make this all happen – the leaders because no nation can rise above its leaders.

    The question that was asked of Ben Franklin was, “What have we wrought?” which he replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

    What kind of government are we? We’ve tried them all: Republic, democracy, oligarchy, now socialistic and fascism (with a little Marxism thrown in there). The founding fathers are turning over in there grave.

    We are spitting in the faces of all the men and women who have died for this great country. No one knows the exact number but most statisticians say since the Declaration of Independence till now, One million, ninety-four thousand, seven-hundred and thirty-six soldiers have died defending this country. For what? So we can become socialistic? Good job Obama.

    People wanted change – well, guess what? They’re going to get it. I venture a guess that it is not what they bargained for.

    Have a good Norm – and good job. Kudos.


  2. James Warren

    Oops. That last sentence should read, Have a good ONE Norm. . .


  3. James Warren

    Its very irritating to me when (even the Republicans) call this a democracy. It ISN’T a Democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic. Period. It sets in my craw every time someone says this is a Democracy. A Democracy by nature is socialistic at its core. It’s about the worse government you can have. (Underline about.) Just two more cents worth Norm.


  4. Norm

    Thanks for your comments Jim. And I appreciate your two cents worth…I need all the money I can get! 🙂


  5. Norm

    Jim, did you read the letter? It really is powerful. She was on Beck’s program the other day and the response to her letter have been over whelming. So much so that it crashed the server at Fox. There is also a place to add your “signature” to the letter if you choose.

    ain’t life grand!


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