Mourning the Passing of America

Everywhere you turn, television, radio, newspaper, blogs, and the Internet, everyone is covering the death of Michael Jackson. From the LA hospital to the childhood home, mourning rituals are getting prime time attention. Will Americans mourn the death of their country in a similar fashion or will it all slip by without notice? Kind of like Farrah Fawcett’s passing the same day as Michael Jackson.

Our congress is on the eve of passing “hate crimes’ legislation which, as one Representative put it, would make it a federal crime if Miss California were to have lashed out at Perez Hilton for his outragous and bigoted remarks about her.  Hilton was noted as saying if Miss California would have won the pageant, he would have jumped on stage and ripped the crown off her head.  Had he done so and she slapped him or her father would have rushed the stage to defend her, THEY might have been subject to federal prosecution under the proposed hate crimes act because Hilton is a homosexual, a protected species. Hilton may have been guilty of a misdemeanor.   Doesn’t something seem amiss with all of that?

Now I know I cannot speak for a good portion of the younger population, but for those of us in my generation and before, the America we grew up with and have come to cherish is slowly slipping away under a current of far left legislation that will crush the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  If we do not wake up and pay attention, our rights will only be what government says they are regardless of what the founding documents spell out.

It is time to rise up and let our voice be heard. Write your representatives, your senators and your commissioners. Let them know your thoughts. The America that our founding fathers shaped is not dead – yet. Nor must we let it die.  We do not need to recreate America or reshape it (as Obama says) in the fashion of other European governments. It is America, not Euro-America! We can be a contributor in the world community with out having to adopt the same failed policies and programs that Europe has.

In a recent email from a friend, he attached a YouTube video that addresses some of what has been happening in the dumbing down of American principles. It specifically addresses Obama’s comments several weeks ago that America is no longer a Christian nation. Take a look. You may be surprised by what you hear.

My friend, let’s not get too comfortable and complacent. If we are not careful it will not be long before we are taxed beyond our ability to pay, not to mention taxed without any real form of representation in government. They will simply do what they choose – pushing program after program down the throat of Americans until someone gags. 

God help the United States of America.


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