Righteous Anger

The other day a friend sent me an article regarding anger…I’ll call it righteous anger. In a nutshell the article talked about why Christians (Pastors in particular) are not angry about the seemingly inevitable adoption of the gay, lesbian and trans-gender lifestyle as a regular part of our culture.

A portion of the article talked about Nazi Germany and why the pastors there did not stand against the merciless acts of Hitler. It also talked about the early years of America and how pastors seemed to ignore the plight of slaves. Now, in present day, the author of the article seems to say that pastors are not willing to risk it all when it comes to denouncing aberrant lifestyles. Of course, most of them risk nothing compared to those pastors in Germany or even those in the early days of the United States.

In the same time frame I was reading Mark 3:1-6 about the man with the withered hand that Jesus chose to heal on the Sabbath. In that portion of scripture it is noted that Jesus looked around at the religious leaders of the time with anger. He was not only angry, he was “grieved at their hardness of heart.” Translate that into to this…they were more concerned about their tradition of the Sabbath and the artificial rules imposed on the Sabbath than the man with the whithered hand. Now it seems right that Jesus was angry. He should have been.

Any time we put “policy” before people, it should make us angry. However, even though some of the churches in America choose to jump on the bandwagon with the gay and lesbian crowd, that should not necessarily be the focus of our anger. We should be angry that they are in our face about their agenda and pushing it through not only our government bureaucracy but the public square as well.

Now my friend, who has labored long and hard in a small town ministry is a wonderful man. He’s a great husband and a terrific father. He has stood up on more than one occasion to say what’s happening in our country is WRONG – flat out wrong. And he has done so with a passion. Even anger. However, is it right to compare the gay and lesbian agenda with the likes of Nazi Germany or the slave trade? I suspect not.

Here is my reply to his email:

Dear Friend, 

As you might suspect, it did give me some pause when I read the article you sent. Naturally, for me, comparing the homosexual agenda with “slavery” and “Nazism” is perhaps a stretch. Kindling anger toward such an agenda has its place, but does it bear equal footing with such demonstrations of evil as the extermination of thousands, even millions, of Jews?  For me, I suspect not.

Having said that, let me just point out a few personalobservations. First, Jesus – nor any of the Apostles for that matter ever once uttered a word against abortion. A far greater evil than homosexuality or trans-genderism. Second, slavery in the NT era was commonplace and not even Paul in his letter to Philemon took time to speak in opposition to such a practice. It is only through – if I may use the term – domestication of the issues and abuse of the practices that the Western culture, specifically, the United States, begins to take issue with these two agendas in particular. At least, that is my cursory understanding.

 It is true, the Lesbian-Gay-Trans-gender agenda is a vocal and supposedly powerful group that is desperately attempting to modify the moral landscape of our country. The fact that they are infecting our schools, businesses, governments and moral codes in many communities ought indeed to give rise to anger and being “grieved at (our nation’s) hardness of heart” when it comes to taking a moral stand against such intrusion. However, it also seems in many instances the church does so with punitive indifference to the individuals who have come under the spell of political correctness and feeling that their lifestyle is not a choice as much as the way they were created.  For example, one can preach with power and angst against alcoholism, but expecting someone to stop drinking (for their lifetime) because the “Church” says alcoholism is a “sin” may be a bit naïve.

 Now, let me be clear. The killing of babies is abhorrent. The extermination of any population is an anathema. Slavery as known in our history is just plain wrong. Homosexuality and its many manifestations is wrong, specifically according to Scripture. Should we speak against such a moral aberration? Yes.  Yes, because it is wrong, but more so because that “agenda” is being thrust face first into the mainstream of the public.

 My friend, we are losing the battle. Indeed, I suspect we will continue to lose the battle. But the WAR has been won!

 “Stand up, stand up for Jesus, stand in his strength alone; the arm of flesh will fail you – you dare not trust your own…”

 Now, let me be clear. We should stand up against the forces of evil. Not because, as Christians, we somehow live morally superior lives. Often we don’t.  We should stand up because it is wrong to force one’s beliefs, even Christian beliefs, on another set of individuals or groups.


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  1. Hi Norm, I agree. It is the plan of the enemy to destroy us. He cannot. But the world WILL be a socialistic terrible place to live – and soon. We cannot stop it. We have read the end of the book and know what’s going to happen. NAU and the NWO. The only thing we can do is preach God’s Word and salvation to the world. Jesus gave that mandate to us before He died on the Cross. We need to take as many with us as we can. It’s our job to do so.

    Good article.




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