“You Lie”

It’s unfortunate the Representative from SC, Joe Wilson had to disrupt Obama’s speech with “You lie!”  But then again, listening to the President’s rhetoric has often had me in fits wishing that some one in the chamber would call his misinformation.  “You lie” might have been a bit too much and with the President’s new numbers of 30,000 instead of what they have been saying all along 45,000 people without insurance, it may be that his plan will NOT cover illegal aliens. However, up to that point, the House bill did factor in illegal aliens.

Rep. Wilson will never recover from this I suspect. But kudos to him for saying what millions of Americans watching wanted to say.  My goodness, they didn’t even hand out copies of the speech, simply a laminated “talking points” sheet. So much for transparency and openness.

The Democrats and those on the left will no doubt use this situation to their advantage and ratchet themselves up to push through a bill – any bill. And the American people – at least a significant number of American people – will find themselves wondering what the hell happened. As one commentator said, with the compassion of the IRS, the efficiency of Fannie May and Freddy Mack, and the management skills of the Post Office is it any wonder a large part of America is suspect with regard to the government running a healthcare program.  In addition, if Obama thinks for one minute anyone in government is going to find and eliminate waste and abuse in such programs as Medicare, then I suspect he’s been drinking too much Kool-aid.

Yes, health care needs to be reformed. Yes, I don’t like paying for the uninsured’s visit to the Emergency room any more than any one else. And yes, we need tort reform and the ability to buy insurance across state lines.  What we don’t need is more taxes on small business and a government run program that will undoubtedly lead to more waste and abuse. Nor do we need people who cannot for one minute truly empathize with the plight of most Americans regardless of what Ted Kennedy may or may not have said about his ability to do just that.   And to think for one minute that 980 billion will be the price tag is not only ridiculous, it is absurd.

Now I know that God is in control and nothing surprises him. I even suspect he’s getting a pretty good chuckle out of our wrangling over this whole issue. Nevertheless, we have a social, moral, and spiritual obligation to do what’s right.  Right for the country and right for the people. But to think for one minute we can do the right thing with the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing is naive. The Democrats can’t continue to sleep with the trial lawyers and the Republicans cannot continue to sleep with big insurance companies and ever expect to get anything done. At least anything of substance. It just cannot and will not happen.  It’s all about money and you cannot serve both God and money. Or in this case, special interest groups and the American people.

Finally, did the President lie in his campaign address to the joint session of Congress?  Perhaps not. Was he upfront, giving the whole picture of his plan and his characterization of the “lies and distortion” that he accused his opponents of? Perhaps not.  So if our President will not be straight forward with us then how could we ever expect anyone else in Government to be?

Oh wait, I know, let’s blame President Bush!

Okay, I feel better now.


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