The Anti-Christ

Recently my sister in-law sent me a video clip entitled “Did Jesus Reveal the Name of the Anti-Christ?”  If I can do this correctly, here is the link to that video clip.  Besides the content of the clip it was interesting that the author ended the piece with something like, “here are the facts – you decide.”  Rather Fox Newsish but also rather misleading.

I’ll be sixty years old soon. I’ve been involved in the faith at one level or another for over forty of those years and I can’t tell you the number of times this issue of the anti-Christ has come up with one leader or another. That and the assignment of the number 666 to one name or another. You would think after a while, folks would simply not do this any more because in my opinion it discredits the value and credibility of scripture and the Christian faith.

Now on face value, the author is basically correct in his terms and their definitions. But there is more to the “story”. For example Strong’s word H1116 baw-maw is the same word used for “high places” several times in the OT.   The word used for “lightning” (Strong’s H1299) is used sparingly and refers both to the phsyical event and figurative.    Not sufficient evidence especially if one realizes that his primary text reference starts with Luke 10:18 and in the context has nothing to do with naming anyone or anything other than an event related to the Satan. And, I might add, Satan and the anti-Christ are not the same.

These kind of things would be funny if it were not for the fact that many people take them seriously. Do I think BHO is the anti-Christ? No.  Is he acting like an anti-Christ? I tend to think so.  Does his personal faith, which he says is Christian, influence his policy? I’m of the opinion that it does not. In fact, if it were not for his admission to faith, I would suspect he is agnostic. And, I suspect, like the many others who have come before him, labeled as the anti-Christ, he will come and go – hopefully after one term. 🙂

Do the facts support Christ naming the anti-Christ. I don’t believe so. Just like contorting the numbers 666 to assign them to the name of Hitler or other characters of history. People in the faith must do better than this.


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  1. Interesting Norm.

    Keep writing bro.



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